Residential Cleaning Service, Nepal

House & Residential Cleaning Service, Nepal

Residence is the place where we spend most of our time comfortably. Everyone wants to stay in the place with no dirt and germs. Taking this in mind, Modern cleaning & Services Pvt. Ltd holds years of experience providing residential services to various residences in Nepal.

Our company is well prepared to provide deep House & Residential Cleaning Service to your living ones.  We carry out residential services by our experts who will take all the responsibilities, creating safe, clean and comfortable living circumstance for you and your family members.

We are here to serve you and make your place germ free. Our company understands the worth of healthy environment and your life. So, we will not take any risks that harm both you and your family. Instead, we apply different cleaning approach in your residence, keeping your health in the mind.

You can completely depend on our professional team to maintain and protect your residence with our reliable services. We will never let you down. You just have to dial us, we will stay ahead to discuss you the work.


Our residential Cleaning service covers:

  • Carpets

Carpets play an essential role for a beautiful floor.   Our expert team makes your carpet neat and clean to boost its beauty.

  • Tile and Grout

Use your toothbrush only for your teeth. Do not waste your time using it for tile and grout. We take complete responsibility to make your tile and grout clean and beautiful.

  • Air Duct cleaning

Breathe fresh and comfortably enhancing the quality of air in your residence. We are here to serve you with specialized air duct cleaning.

  • Windows

We clean your windows and let you have streak free windows.

To assure customer satisfaction with all the residential services, we handle the work properly and provide you services with our well-trained staffs. Every staff is properly trained to ensure you are served well.


Residential Cleaning guarantees you with:

  • Well trained and friendly team
  • No smoking and other undesired activity in your property
  • Professional and expert staff
  • Drugs and alcohol free staff
  • Your residence is protected
  • Cost-effective service
  • Offer other additional suggestion if required
  • Reliable service providers


Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is ready to serve you in your desired time

Modern cleaning & Services Pvt. Ltd will not make your residence free from the dirt you see, but also eradicate the undesired dust which might be invisible to you.  A resourcefully cleaned furnishings and carpet surely make a difference in making your room amazing and fresh.

Everyone has duties all over the residence which might not be in the high priority list.  Maintaining the air pipe is the key responsibility you should make. If you have not done it yet, let us do. We clean the pipe regularly to boost your residence’s heating and cooling competence. We will also effort to advance the quality of air that you as well as your family breathe.

Indeed, the basic cleaning service you apply might not be proficient to clean and freshen up your residence effectually.  So take advantage from Modern cleaning & Services Pvt. Ltd‘s residential services to get rid of undesired odors and make your home fresh.

Always remember us for any type of residential cleaning services you desire. The expert team of Modern cleaning & Services Pvt. Ltd is anytime ready to serve you in cleaning up your residence. We also make your home free of sewage and other bio hazard materials offering deep cleaning services to residential area. Contact us to get more about our expert team and the services we offer.