Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing


Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing service in Nepal

Health always comes with the first priority for everyone. To live a healthy life, we make sure we follow healthy habits and consult the doctor at the time of emergency. However, along with the healthy practice, it is essential to keep our surroundings neat and tidy as well.

Thinking about the healthy practices, we should not depend on the maids to keep our residence clean. Thinking about the impact hygiene of the environment, it will be better to get help from some expert service providers rather than those untrained maids.

In a busy city like Kathmandu with the highest level of dust particles in the air, it is often found in furnishings and floors. They usually have adverse effect on the health of kids and pets. We spend most of our time in carpet/sofa/chair, so these things should be neat and tidy always. If not, they might boost the health risk to you along with the family members.

Make a habit of vacuuming of sofas/ chairs/carpet regularly. These surely eradicate dust, but for stain and some unusual dust shampooing is necessary. If you have issue in finding out the reliable carpet cleaning service you can always get in touch with Modern cleaning and Servicing. We employ specific and environment friendly chemicals and the tools for shampooing it.

While talking about the comfort of your residence, nothing can give luxurious and warm feeling under your feet as the carpet does. It also adds beauty and pleasure to your space. However, jumping, walking and rolling all over can make the carpet dirty. Dirty carpet does not make your room impressive.

To have a continuous looking with great experience, make sure your carpet is clean. We are the best carpet cleaning service in Nepal. You can rely on us for any type of carpet, sofa cleaning services. We will help maximize the life of your carpet within your budget.

Some home proprietors are also trying to clean the carpet employing rental equipment. The equipment might produce very different results compared to the service provided by Modern cleaning and Servicing. We contain expert and proficient staffs who understand the precise amount of pressure to use while cleaning. They also work by identifying the best products for your carpet and the effective way to remove the stains, soil and spot without excessive wetting the carpet or leaving any sticky residue behind.

Looking for carpet, Sofa and Chair Shampooing service?

Modern cleaning Service contain years of experience in carpet, sofa and chair shampooing services following a complete cleaning procedure. The cleaning process followed by our company assures both dirt and detergents are cleaned from carpet, chair and sofa using efficient, truck-mounted tools.

Modern Cleaning and Servicing help with:

  • Remove dust mites, allergens and stuck in soil
  • Reasonably priced service
  • Minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, disease and mold.
  • Eliminate stain and marks that are already present
  • Spot carpet and furniture for removing the stains
  • Decrease the effect of wear mostly in highly affected areas
  • Repair the natural, neat appearance along with the surface of carpet
  • Expand the life of carpet, sofa and chair for longer period.
  • Shampooing carpet/sofa/chair to clean the fiber
  • Work done with injection extraction techniques along with environmental friendly chemicals which do not harm furniture and the human skin
  • Using different types of protecting tools to prevent the carpet, sofa and chair.

Remember us for any kind of Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing service. We deep clean giving new life into your beloved carpet, chair or sofa. From couch shampooing to sofa shampooing to all the furnished and leather furnishings in residence, get a neat and clean.