Kitchen Cleaning


Nepal based kitchen cleaning service

Kitchen is the high-traffic area of your residence that needs an extra attention provided by professional kitchen cleaning service provides. It is very essential to keep kitchen neat, clean and healthy. Cleaning the kitchen is directly related to our healthy habits so better do not compromise in cleaning the kitchen. Everyday cleaning routines can maintain proper levels of hygiene. Yet, on less reachable surfaces like wall, ceiling, light, utensils and kitchen fitting, the slow growth of grease and fat provides an impending breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is the leading kitchen cleaning service provider in Nepal that thoroughly sterilize, clean and sparkle each surface in your kitchen.Later, the kitchen cleaning team of Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd wisely cleans usage surfaces, range hoods, gas, flame grates and regulator. Also, the Splatter within your microwave are removed instantly. We clean assuring to damp-wipe closet fronts, doorknobs, benches and chair.

The staff of our company will sweep and mop floors, making your kitchen clean with a fresh smell.  During the complete process, our professionals guarantee delicate substances are handled with proper care and attention. Our residential housekeeper takes your personal cleaning inclinations into account. The kitchen cleaning service maintains a high standard of kitchen hygiene through comprehensive and regular cleaning process. This process will help to extend the life of your costly kitchen utensils and equipment.

Professional Kitchen cleaning service

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd facilitate your house with a wide-ranging of solutions that confirm a high level of kitchen cleanness is preserved that helps you to fulfill with all applicable tools and techniques.

We also have strict guidelines surrounding the standard of sanitation that is essential to be sustained to moderate the risk of contamination. Our services are intended to provide for all precise areas in the kitchen, helping compliance. This also reduces infection as it is being managed in an eco-friendly way.

Our services cover, kitchen deep cleaning, extractor fan and freshening cleaning, lubricate trap cleaning and safe elimination. We also provide a drain blockage prevention system that automatically doses your drainage system with an environmentally friendly consequence to help break down the lubricant and avoid the blockages.

Some of the catering circumstances like kitchen, canteen and food preparation areashould follow the strictruleprevailing their condition and hygiene standards. Regular deep cleaning of kitchen helps maintain a high standard of hygiene and compliance with legislation.

  What does Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd do for your Kitchen?

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Decrease the risk of infection
  • Decrease the risk of spreading food borne diseases
  • Low customer complain
  • Friendly working environment for staff
  • Enhanced Effectiveness and durable Equipment Lifespan
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Reduce the Risk of Fire
  • Chance of lower insurance premium
  • Better Health and Safety situation
  • Meet the terms with Kitchen Safety guideline and Food Hygiene
  • Trustworthy and approachable service
  • Advanced service solutions reinforced by our dedicated staffs

Always remember us for any type of kitchen cleaning services you require in Nepal. Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd facilitates you with deliberate, wide-ranging deep cleaning and sanitization services. Our service is offered for complete kitchen areas Using our full deep cleaning approaches and technology, cleaning and decontamination is accomplished with negligible interruption and down time to the kitchen.