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Are you looking for marble cleaning service?

Marbles are comparatively soft stone. When they become dull and scratched, it loses its shine as well as luster. Most of the people observe this and consider their store is dirty and needs professional and expert cleaning service. So, focusing on these things we are here to help you.

Marbles are the main assets of the residence. It should be cleaned and preserved for a longer period. Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is initiated more than years ago to offer marble cleaning services to all the residents in Nepal. All the employees of the company are committed to do their assigned job carefully.

We have developed full lines of marble cleaners to uphold the beautiful surfaces making it clean and beautiful for a long-lasting period. Our company maintains personal cleaning and maintenance techniques and dedicated to polishing cleaning the marbles in the reasonably priced manner with high quality result.

Any type of cleaning services you require, we are here to carry out the service effectively. We can deliver the service you are looking for. We truly want your marbles to have fresh, new and clean appearance again.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd different types of techniques and once our cleaning procedure is complete, your marble gets back to the beautiful and fresh condition like before. We carry out the service to get back your services to its original looks.


How does modern cleaning and Servicing Pvt. Ltd benefit you?

  • Cost-effective marble cleaning service
  • Deliver clean tiles and marble floor
  • Assure Clean, stain-free and color consistent services
  • Best services to your satisfaction
  • Assure to make your marble looks new and durable
  • Super solution with great suggestion and tips
  • Proper cleaning and inspection
  • Advance marble cleaning tools and techniques
  • Well trained staffs
  • Help to preserve your marble for a longer period
  • Service to your satisfaction


High Quality marble cleaning service in Nepal

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd offers high-quality marble cleaning service in  Nepal. Our experience have qualified us to advance extremely effective processes keep your marbles neat and clean.  We work with advanced tools and technology to look after and preserve your marble investments. Any type of marbles whether they’re floors, counters, vanities, showers, stairs, fireplaces, or other stone surfaces. We will work hard to provide you superior solution.

Our personally trained experts have adequate expertise in the area of cleaning, restoring, and maintaining all marble and, tiles. We ensure proper cleaning and inspection.  While caring for your marble, remember most of the stores the cleaners with acids that will harm the surface.  Cleaning your marble helps protecting and maintaining its beauty.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd recommends carefully cleaning & sealing new marble installations for extreme safety for your marble. Marble cleaning is our specialty, and we take care of halls, entrances, complete rooms, restroom marble, kitchen marble, and many others.  While estimating, we recognize the finest technique to clean your home’s marble. We have been serving Kathmandu for any years and have successfully cleaned the marble for more than thousands homes. If you wish your marble floors to look brand new, you are in the right place. We assure to make them look like they did the day they were brought for the first time.

Stay in touch with us for any type of marble cleaning service you desire. We help our customers with reliable and experienced marble cleaning service all over Nepal. Contact us and know how our services can benefit you. Looking forward to keep our effort in your venture.