House Cleaning

House cleaning Service in Nepal

Home is the place where you spend most of your time. It is also a straight representation of your lifestyle. A glance at your house will show a guest more about you and your family.You surely want your house to give a positive impression to your guest. Indeed, taking an entrance to the house which is clean and comfortable gives us the pleasant feeling.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is the leading, trustworthy name in house cleaning services in Kathmandu,Nepal. For more than decades we have been providing our customers house cleaning services according to their desire. Our house cleaning solution are aimed to provide you the peace of mind you deserve and the time you want to appreciate your life and your beloved family.

Our staffs provides complete house cleaning services in Nepal for our dear customers, deliberate to keep your property be its best for a long period. We benefit your house with various cleaning regularities relevant to your requirements and choices. It also can cover every week, monthly or in the special occasion.

We employ our exclusive Detail-Clean technique to make sure that your home always meet the extreme standard of hygiene. Our staffs follow different approaches to confirm that our customers are always pleased and can presume a reliably clean and beautiful room.

Firstly, we will clean your kitchen and bathrooms with a detailed cleaning to the rest of your house. Then, we will work on your living areas and bedroom. After first cleanings, we make sure that your house is neat, clean and germ free. We hold extreme standards and our work speaks to that. We prove our assurance to our customer over maintaining our high standards of quality work.

Dedicated staffs and services of Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd

Our dedicated team offers dependable, first-class house cleaning services. You can have self-assurance and peace of mind in picking Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd, a best service provider with experienced working with more than hundreds of customer throughout Nepal.

Our work is based on your requirements and requirements with our well tested technique to build your very own cleaning plan, and apply it regularly. Earlier than joining Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd, each staff is trained to be a proficient in the thorough, personalized house cleaning services we offer. Only adoring, kind people will assure you make good decision choosing us as your service provider.

We have a team of trained professional who are focused in cleaning the house, throw dirt, dust and muck leaving your house clean and shining. Our company also provides house cleaning services all over Nepal and always pay more attention in cleaning for healthiness.  Our equipment and wide-ranging industry experience provide us a chance when it comes to leaving your house cleaner, and healthier, than before. We assure to start the work with environment friendly product, advanced tools and exclusive cleaning procedure providing customer an inexpensive house cleaning services.

How can Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd benefit you?

  • Reasonably priced service
  • Environment friendly
  • Reliable customer service
  • Well tested tools and equipment
  • 100% guarantee service
  • Friendly and welcoming staffs.
  • Allow to decide on the type of service you desire

Visit us or contact us for any type of house cleaning services you desire.Whether it is regular house cleaning, or you require a complete lease cleaning. Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd benefits you with the preference to decide on the type of cleaning service you want in the cost-effective approach. We are also available to serve you according to your schedule. Looking ahead to hear from you.

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning Service in Nepal

Is your drapery getting old, worn and tarnished? If you are thinking about replacing them, do not do it. Instead get help from Drapery cleaning service, you will be amazed at how fast we can make your draperies look as worthy as new. It is significant to keep your draperies free of dust, allergen, bacteria and germs anyone in your family suffer from asthma or any respiratory illnesses. However, thoroughly cleaning your drapery by yourself might be time consuming. Better get help from the cleaning service providers.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd always stays ahead to provide a best quality service when it comes to reviving your draperies. We know that fresh and clean draperies make all the variance in your residence, and that’s precisely why we are committed to going the additional mile to assure that the final outcome is nothing short of remarkable.

With gentle and operative solution, our drapery cleaning service cleans, sanitizes and deodorize to the maximum value. You will also discover that any trace of dust, mold, fungus and pigments will be effortlessly detached in a safe and moderate way. Our eco-friendly solution assures that there is no reduction or color loss in your draperies, particularly for rubber backed draperies which can be almost unbearable to clean at residence. Sometimes, it may be essential for us to eradicate the draperies for cleaning carefully and correctly

Professional Drapery cleaning service Nepal

With the expert services of Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd, you don’t even have to take down your draperies. Our cleaning equipment removes dirt, dust and bacteria from draperies and leave your place clean.

Along with a beautiful and attractive decoration, draperies serve a dual duty as filter, deceiving dust elements in the air. So, they essentially advance the worth of the air in your household. Nevertheless, drapery cleaning is most often than not simply ignored by most home proprietors, as it seems like the cleaning procedure is also awkward. But ignoring to do it would only consequence to all pollutants being removed back into the air in your household, producing unfriendly odors, as well as allergies.

The good news is that Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd can handle all of that. By washing your draperies, our proficient cleaners removes both stains and odors, eliminating any health fears. Besides, for your ease we will complete the cleaning process without even having to take the draperies off. Our Drapery Cleaning Services in Nepal is the Solution to Your Cleaning Requirements.

Our expert curtain cleaners in Nepal knows to safeguard the healthiest promising environment, everything has to be sanitized to the maximum standards. So, we take drapery cleaning very carefully, and always offer you a superb service.

Advantages of working with us:

  • No hidden price
  • Your draperies accurately examined, so that experts understand the useful methods to clean them
  • Your draperies cleaned without harming them
  • An improved environment, as all pigments, unpleasant odors and contaminants will be totally eliminated
  • Well skilled team of cleaners
  • Responsive customer service
  • Focused on the health of our customers

Visit us in your desired time to get more about your service. We will try our best to offer you complete drapery cleaning service that will make your residence clean and healthy. You just need to call us, rest we will do to help you. We guarantee to start the work with environmentally friendly products, innovative tools and exclusive cleaning procedure facilitating customers with a low-priced drapery cleaning services. We will be happy to use our efforts to make your house rich of clean drapery. Looking ahead to hear from you.

Janitorial Services Kathmandu, Nepal

Best Janitorial services in Nepal

Janitorial services in Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd is renowned as a leading provider as we use only the most expert janitors and cleaning specialists. When you hire our company to meet all your office cleaning Nepal requirements, you can assure that you will receive only the best, beyond your expectation. We work hard to assure that customers are always pleased with our work.

The main responsibility of Janitorial Services apart from cleaning is to carry out maintenance and security duties.  Keeping your place clean and ensuring it is a healthy place to work is totally significant to a useful and safe workstation.

Anywhere you live wither in a small town or a major city area like Kathmandu, you require specialized janitor services that helps to guarantee your property remains clean and healthy as much as possible.

Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd knows the worth of making your place clean and healthy which actually saves your company money in the long run as it helps to consequence in a lower the number of sick workers. If you reside in Nepal and looking for Janitorial Services, we are here. We provide the most qualified staff available to clean your commercial area. With a professional Janitorial service, you will receive the welfares of knowing your place of business is hygienic. Employing a professional janitorial service means the job gets done right the first time, and you do not need to worry on going back later to do any kind of touch up work.

When looking for Nepal Janitorial services, you wish to be sure you get the service that will best and most carefully clean your place to your individual provisions. Not all janitor services are similar, so it is significant to ensure the one you decide on does everything you want them to do. Janitor services usually cover removing the garbage all trash cans, shampooing carpets, cleaning parquets and floors, cleaning and polishing furniture, and many others. Our staffs are completely trained to the maximum of standards, and have enough experience in Janitorial professional buildings. All the members are tested on a regular basis for excellence so you can be assured the job is carried out properly and carefully all the time.

Get served from reliable Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd

When looking for Nepal Janitorial services, you can surely get different choices available and sometimes it can seem awesome as well. To get a reliable service provider make sure you carry out the research and decide on only the service provider that will properly do the job right way. If you decide on Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt., you do not have to worry at all as we look after everything to assure your work is done properly. Understanding the worth of your time and money, we will do your work without harming your time and budget.

Benefits of hiring us:

  • Removal of garbage and waste
  • Cleaning and window washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Regular carpet care
  • Frequent cleaning services
  • Cost-effective janitorial services

Contact us to get more about the services we offer. Our company also holds well-trained staffs who understand the numerous codes of buildings within Nepal and is always helpful.  You want to be sure they comprehend the cleaning requirements of your own business. Do not follow the path to make your work done without proper research when it comes to assuring that you and your staffs have a safe, clean, and healthy place to work. Select the finest janitorial services in Nepal that make your work done completely, accurately and instantly. We love to work for you.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning

Vertical Blinds Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance and replacement

Being displayed and utilized all the day in your place, blinds quickly gets in contact with succumb to stains. Here many assume blinds need to be totally repaired; you can usually avoid the price of repairing and maintaining your blinds with professional repairs. If you are in trouble to find out the professional Vertical Blinds Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance and replacement, we live to serve you.

Remarkable Cleaning introduced in Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd also follows eco-friendly cleaning procedures that gently removes dirt and built hygienic circumstances. We visit to your place with a wealth of experiences. Our efforts and re-hang service makes it trouble free, while our repair service will extend the lifetime of your lubricated, lacquered or woodlot blinds.

Our dedicated team enclose decades of experience in repairing, cleaning and maintaining vertical blinds. We are also the long-standing cleaning service in Nepal. We know that hiring a vertical blind cleaner is a big decision you make, so we take proper care of your safety very carefully. We endeavor to deliver a truthful and dependable service and have the employees to handle all the sizes and type of vertical blind cleaning and repairing job.

Working as a Professional Vertical Blinds Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance and replacement, we serve all over Nepal.

We also provide a same day cleaning and repairing service without crossing your intended budgets. Our proficient team helps to repair your broken or impaired blinds offering the new replacement vertical blinds if necessary. We use a vertical Blind Manufacturer so every part is easily accessible.

Complete trust on us to acquire extensive range of services that includes repair, cleaning, maintenance and replacement services.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Blinds renovation
  • Remove stains, grease and mold
  • Re-cording and re-sizing
  • Replacement and repair vertical blinds

Get cost-effective Blinds Cleaning service in Nepal

Our blinds will usually give many years of heroic service but when components fail due to age or accidents it is far more cost effective and environmentally responsible to repair blinds than to replace them. Many parts are still available for a variety of blind types and makes. While talking about the Vertical blinds, cleaning becomes very difficult as it is challenging to reach parts that prevent you to achieve the best outcomes. While you might dust the essential areas, there are different spot which might harbor dust and germs. Using recent tools and method, we effectively blast away the dirt, dust, stains, mould and much more. As this method is done using water and gentle detergent in the restraint, it is an eco- friendly solution you can depend on.

We feel proud to initiate full lines of vertical blinds repairs and cleaners to maintain the blinds surfaces making it clean and good-looking for a continuing phase Our company uphold personal different types of repair and replacement approaches and techniques that is dedicated to make your blinds clean.

While dealing with vertical blinds repair and cleaning, you should decide on the service providers that can offer you dependable and trustworthy service without harming your properties. Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd cares about your belongings and provide the service which you can blindly trust.

If you reside in Nepal and looking for blinds, cleaning, repair, maintenance and replacement service. Do not waste your time moving around. You can directly visit Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd travels. Every employee of Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd tries their best to satisfy and please you with the services. Selecting us will be your best decision. We assure to provide you the service as per your desire. We would love to serve you.

High Range Building Glass Cleaning

High Range Building Glass Cleaning Services in Nepal

Tired of finding reliable Glass Cleaning/High Range Building Glass Cleaning service? If yes, do not take too much effort going place to place. We live to help you. Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd have been serving Kathmandu business for decades and have successfully cleaned the tiles for thousands of commercial area. If you want to look brand new, congratulation you found right place. We guarantee to make them look new forever.

You will surely be happy to see our services, we can make your glass look completely new. It is major to keep your glass out of dust, so that you can view outside properly from your workplace. Yet, thoroughly cleaning your glass by yourself might be time consuming and difficult. It will be better if get help from the glass company.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd provides commercial glass cleaning and high range building glass cleaning service which helps to prolong the lifespan and beauty of your building.

Our professional glass cleaner team works with your managers to carry out maintenance timetables that encounter all requirements and resources. We will also arrange your glass and high range building glass cleaning quote as an improvement.

We have gained years of experience helping reputed organizations of Nepal to clean their glass. Our client’s privacy is very important to us. So, we only provide the references on request. We will love to be your glass cleaning company offering different types of services as per your desire.

Commercial Glass Cleaning/High Range Building Glass Cleaning service

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd facilitates you with a wide-ranging window cleaning services to get-up any circumstances. Our company contains a team of qualified glass cleaners, who provides an extensive range of services from high range building glass commercial properties to one story buildings. It is significant to regularly commence glass cleaning and maintenance, as it defends the glass from humiliation and mineral accumulation with inexpensive maintenance costs in the long run.

Glass that is which is not cleaned and maintained can consequence to permanent and irretrievable harm to the windows. With more than decades of experience in commercial glass cleaning, Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd has the capability to professionally and successfully clean windows at any altitude, and to carefully overwhelmed any access matters in a reasonably priced method. Our glass cleaning necessitates expertise with a range of tools and methods that covers water-fed pol, ladders, elevated work platform, abseiling methods, swing stage, and much more.

Starting from small wholesale shops to high rise organization buildings, we have the skill and techniques to assure that we preserve the highest values of both hygiene and protection. We also have widespread experience in retrieving tough windows safely and with the precise tools. The professional tools we use helps us to accomplish your job at a reasonable cost with an accuracy finish and cleaner glass. For the large commercial works, abseiling, other access services can be delivered.

Our staff are completely trained in healthiness and safety, cleaning methods, tools, and excellence control, guaranteeing that the service we provide is of the highest possible standard.

Contact us or call us for any type of Glass Cleaning/High Range Building Glass Cleaning you want to carry out. Every commercial glass and window cleaning task is performed in a specialized and safe manner .We can facilitate you with a precise and reasonable, obligation-free price to deliver an appropriate, superiority and reasonably priced service. We will surely be very grateful to keep our efforts in your venture. Looking ahead to get a call from you.

Pest Control Services Nepal

Quality pest control service in Nepal

Most of the house in Nepal needs pest control service. Nepal based pest control service provider that holds one stop for the reliable pest control service. We are well experienced with the connection of highly expert and skilled pest control professionals in Nepal. The experts offer different types of services as per the requirement of customers.

Our company also serves you to control and take away different types of pest that are cockroaches, ants, termites, mosquito and many others. Taking advantage of new tools and updated technology, we apply less toxic chemical with resourceful equipments. Also, we help you deliver the best pest control service that protects your home from these harmful bugs and insect. We love to make your home healthy and free of pest.

Pest control company in Kathmandu

Pests are the main reason for the harmful health issues for you and your family members. They stay forward to spread different types of germs and diseases all over the home. Taking this in concern, Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd has been providing commercial and residential pest control services to all the customers all over Nepal. We facilitate our customer with quick, easy and cost-effective solutions that make your family and business safe and hassle free.

Time is precious for all of us. We do not want you to waste your time visiting us. Just contact us or call us, our staff will visit your home in your desired time and provide complete treatment against pests. After that, we assure you have a pest free residence. We look ahead to hear from you and satisfy you with different types of Pest control service.

What we do?

  • Check our pest control service and assure they are helpful to our customers
  • Carry on applicable records applicable to your pest control
  • Confirm output for any perceive and correct when required
  • Aim for continuous enhancement

Safe and reliable pest control company

Pests are appalling and trouble making creature. They can even humiliate the impression of your business and residence. They can take an entrance into your place through different type of medium they find. After entering to the residence, they start to rule your place spreading different types of harmful diseases and germs.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is one of the best pest control service providers in Nepal. You can completely depend on us for any type of pest control service, we ensure to offer the best service to your pleasure. We have a team of skilled and proficient technician who enclose advanced ability dealing with all the pest control issue you face in the Nepal.

We are always ahead to offer useful, caring and reasonably budget solution that makes your residence clean and free of pest. Our speedy and specialized services guarantee that you to stay in your residence with great comfort. You do not have to worry about the pest anymore.

Why Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd?

  • Trustworthy customer service
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective solution
  • Facilitate safe and efficient treatment
  • Outstanding Commercial and residential pest control service.
  • Same day and quick Service
  • Efficient and updated equipment
  • Highly skilled team members

Get in touch with us for any type of pest control service you want. We assist our customers with dependable and highly qualified pest control service all over Nepal. You can also visit us or check our website to know more about the service we offer. We always keep the promise to make your place neat, clean and healthy with 100% pleasure to the work we handle.

Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing

Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing service in Nepal

Health always comes with the first priority for everyone. To live a healthy life, we make sure we follow healthy habits and consult the doctor at the time of emergency. However, along with the healthy practice, it is essential to keep our surroundings neat and tidy as well.

Thinking about the healthy practices, we should not depend on the maids to keep our residence clean. Thinking about the impact hygiene of the environment, it will be better to get help from some expert service providers rather than those untrained maids.

In a busy city like Kathmandu with the highest level of dust particles in the air, it is often found in furnishings and floors. They usually have adverse effect on the health of kids and pets. We spend most of our time in carpet/sofa/chair, so these things should be neat and tidy always. If not, they might boost the health risk to you along with the family members.

Make a habit of vacuuming of sofas/ chairs/carpet regularly. These surely eradicate dust, but for stain and some unusual dust shampooing is necessary. If you have issue in finding out the reliable carpet cleaning service you can always get in touch with Modern cleaning and Servicing. We employ specific and environment friendly chemicals and the tools for shampooing it.

While talking about the comfort of your residence, nothing can give luxurious and warm feeling under your feet as the carpet does. It also adds beauty and pleasure to your space. However, jumping, walking and rolling all over can make the carpet dirty. Dirty carpet does not make your room impressive.

To have a continuous looking with great experience, make sure your carpet is clean. We are the best carpet cleaning service in Nepal. You can rely on us for any type of carpet, sofa cleaning services. We will help maximize the life of your carpet within your budget.

Some home proprietors are also trying to clean the carpet employing rental equipment. The equipment might produce very different results compared to the service provided by Modern cleaning and Servicing. We contain expert and proficient staffs who understand the precise amount of pressure to use while cleaning. They also work by identifying the best products for your carpet and the effective way to remove the stains, soil and spot without excessive wetting the carpet or leaving any sticky residue behind.

Looking for carpet, Sofa and Chair Shampooing service?

Modern cleaning Service contain years of experience in carpet, sofa and chair shampooing services following a complete cleaning procedure. The cleaning process followed by our company assures both dirt and detergents are cleaned from carpet, chair and sofa using efficient, truck-mounted tools.

Modern Cleaning and Servicing help with:

  • Remove dust mites, allergens and stuck in soil
  • Reasonably priced service
  • Minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, disease and mold.
  • Eliminate stain and marks that are already present
  • Spot carpet and furniture for removing the stains
  • Decrease the effect of wear mostly in highly affected areas
  • Repair the natural, neat appearance along with the surface of carpet
  • Expand the life of carpet, sofa and chair for longer period.
  • Shampooing carpet/sofa/chair to clean the fiber
  • Work done with injection extraction techniques along with environmental friendly chemicals which do not harm furniture and the human skin
  • Using different types of protecting tools to prevent the carpet, sofa and chair.

Remember us for any kind of Carpet/Sofa/Chair Shampooing service. We deep clean giving new life into your beloved carpet, chair or sofa. From couch shampooing to sofa shampooing to all the furnished and leather furnishings in residence, get a neat and clean.

Marble Cleaning Service, kathmandu

Are you looking for marble cleaning service?

Marbles are comparatively soft stone. When they become dull and scratched, it loses its shine as well as luster. Most of the people observe this and consider their store is dirty and needs professional and expert cleaning service. So, focusing on these things we are here to help you.

Marbles are the main assets of the residence. It should be cleaned and preserved for a longer period. Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd is initiated more than years ago to offer marble cleaning services to all the residents in Nepal. All the employees of the company are committed to do their assigned job carefully.

We have developed full lines of marble cleaners to uphold the beautiful surfaces making it clean and beautiful for a long-lasting period. Our company maintains personal cleaning and maintenance techniques and dedicated to polishing cleaning the marbles in the reasonably priced manner with high quality result.

Any type of cleaning services you require, we are here to carry out the service effectively. We can deliver the service you are looking for. We truly want your marbles to have fresh, new and clean appearance again.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd different types of techniques and once our cleaning procedure is complete, your marble gets back to the beautiful and fresh condition like before. We carry out the service to get back your services to its original looks.


How does modern cleaning and Servicing Pvt. Ltd benefit you?

  • Cost-effective marble cleaning service
  • Deliver clean tiles and marble floor
  • Assure Clean, stain-free and color consistent services
  • Best services to your satisfaction
  • Assure to make your marble looks new and durable
  • Super solution with great suggestion and tips
  • Proper cleaning and inspection
  • Advance marble cleaning tools and techniques
  • Well trained staffs
  • Help to preserve your marble for a longer period
  • Service to your satisfaction


High Quality marble cleaning service in Nepal

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd offers high-quality marble cleaning service in  Nepal. Our experience have qualified us to advance extremely effective processes keep your marbles neat and clean.  We work with advanced tools and technology to look after and preserve your marble investments. Any type of marbles whether they’re floors, counters, vanities, showers, stairs, fireplaces, or other stone surfaces. We will work hard to provide you superior solution.

Our personally trained experts have adequate expertise in the area of cleaning, restoring, and maintaining all marble and, tiles. We ensure proper cleaning and inspection.  While caring for your marble, remember most of the stores the cleaners with acids that will harm the surface.  Cleaning your marble helps protecting and maintaining its beauty.

Modern cleaning & Servicing Pvt. Ltd recommends carefully cleaning & sealing new marble installations for extreme safety for your marble. Marble cleaning is our specialty, and we take care of halls, entrances, complete rooms, restroom marble, kitchen marble, and many others.  While estimating, we recognize the finest technique to clean your home’s marble. We have been serving Kathmandu for any years and have successfully cleaned the marble for more than thousands homes. If you wish your marble floors to look brand new, you are in the right place. We assure to make them look like they did the day they were brought for the first time.

Stay in touch with us for any type of marble cleaning service you desire. We help our customers with reliable and experienced marble cleaning service all over Nepal. Contact us and know how our services can benefit you. Looking forward to keep our effort in your venture.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning Services KTM

Expert Floor/Carpet Cleaning Services in Nepal

Different pieces of carpet require different types of cleaning practices relevant to their material and level of staining. Here,shampooing can be the best method and Carpet Cleaning Services with Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd will arrange to visit and analyze the piece earlier than working. Our skill and proficiency help us decide on the best technique to use, making sure that your property is not damaged in anyway.

After we remove all dirt and marks from the fabric, we use a stain guard to defend against future stains and to keep it look clean and fresh and healthy for a longer period. We have new ways to clean any types of Sofa, chair, carpet which also includes delicate items. Carpet Cleaning with  Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd helps you to clean your carpet successfully without to worrying about harm.

Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd facilitates you with one of the best & specialized carpet cleaning services in Nepal. Our highly expert cleaners are well experienced with various type of deduction of stains. We also hold different types of superior carpet cleaning equipment and tools that works best for cleaning carpet, sofa and others. It surely removes dirt and stains giving your carpets a new and fresh appearance.

There are numerous kinds of service providers that are available in marketplace. Yet we only use type of service that are easy and reliable for us. In addition, the equipment we use are time saving as it makes the carpet dry much faster. The appliances we use are so much more influential and you do not need to worry about your valuable time.


Advantages of selecting Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd

  • Cleaning experts capable of cleaning every type of fabric
  • Advanced, deep cleaning procedure.
  • Background checked and assured operators
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Cost-effective sofa, chair, carpet service provider


Why Modern Cleaning pvt. ltd is the best solution for Carpet cleaning?

Selecting Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd helps to make your carpet look new and durable. We follow different types cleaning techniques to remove dirt and stains from carpet. This also helps to add and extract warm water and dry the carpet afterward.

At Modern cleaning & servicing Pvt. Ltd, we know that you require more than cleaning service. You also need to save your investment by extending the life of your sofa and carpet. Our durable carpet protection approach helps to make your business healthy and impressive.

Most of the company holds a high-traffic area that holds large number of dirt making an unhealthy environment.  This is the main reason we provide guaranteed carpet cleaning service. By focusing on these areas, we offer improved carpet protection, prolong the life of your carpet and make regular shampooing quick and easy. You can blindly trust on us as the service we offer is less annoyance compared to the other carpet cleaning service provider. This is another great reason to work with us.

You can lean towards Modern Cleaning service for best Carpet Cleaning in Nepal

After cleaning, we also apply a professional protector that will help your carpet and other furniture resist dust and dirt. Do not worry about your health as we are here to care you. The tool and chemicals we use are safe for individuals, pets and the atmosphere. The protector prolongs the lifespan of your chair, sofa and carpet; there is no unfriendly odor.

Ring us for any type of carpet maintenance and cleaning service you are looking for. We are here to deal with it offering commercial cleaning and maintenance service making your business clean and healthy. Our well-trained cleaning experts are always available to deliver a deep cleaning and a healthy business environment for your customers and employees.