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The main role of a tea maid is to provide a refreshments during any meeting or during breaktime. The role of a tea lady is a predominantly British custom although they still exist in other countries too, such as in South Africa and Malaysia. Tea ladies have become less popular since the early eighties with the advent of vending machines and large-scale contracted catering services. Tea ladies are sometime referred to as hospitality aids.

The primary role of our tea lady is to supply various drinks (but usually tea or coffee) and light snacks (cakes, buns, crisps and chocolate bars). Our tea ladies are trained professionals and are  proficient in making hot drinks and other refreshment items. We, usually deeply our tea ladies work in large office environments but sometimes function in smaller organizations too. Our tea ladies are responsible for ensuring they have adequate stock of the food and drinks typically favored by the workers of an establishment. They are also expected to be proficient in keeping any food trolleys or food preparation surfaces clean at all times.

Financial institutes, INGO’s and embassies in Kathmandu Valley are our current clients