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DIY Eco-friendly natural cleaning product

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Numerous amounts of commercial cleaning products are available in the market these days. most of those chemicals are filled with hazardous cleaning agents and also wrapped in plastic containers. Making your own cleaners will not only reduce your use of plastic, but also lessen the environmental and household pollution caused by the manufacture, use and disposal of these products.

Okay, So How can me make our own non-hazardous environment and skin friendly chemicals at home.


1. Toilet Cleaners

Ingredients: Bicarbonate soda, essential oil

Mix 12 drops of essential oil of your choice into 250 grams of bicarbonate soda. Put it in an air tight container.

How to use: Pour the mixture in a toilet bowl spread with toilet brush around the surface let it sit for 10 mins. Scrub it around the targeted area and flush.


2.  Window/Glass Cleaners

Ingredients: White vinegar, Water

Mix 100 ml vinegar in 400 ml water (1 part of vinegar to 4 parts of water) pour it in a spray bottle.

How to use: Spray in a glass/mirror use micro fibre cloth to wipe.


3. Air Freshner

Ingredients: Water, essential oil

In 150 ml water mix 10 drops of essential oil pour it in spray bottle

How to use: spray as per needed.


4. Furniture Polish

Ingredients: white vinegar, olive oil and lemon

1/4 of white vinegar, 3/4 olive oil and half lemon (squeeze). Mix all together in a spray jar

How to use: Spray directly into the microfibre cloth and apply in the furniture with the microfibre.

5. Floor Cleaner

Ingredients: White vinegar, salt, Baking soda and essential oil

1/4 cup to your bucket of hot water add salt, baking soda and few drops of essential oil.

How to use: Directly apply to the floor with Mop or a cloth scrub and rinse or wipe.


Be with us for more cleaning cleaners hacks.


Ashish Shakya